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Back to Reality

Or, I Went to Greece for a Week and a Half and Now I’m Going to Talk About Tacos So uh… yeah. I went to Greece for a bit with the Archaeologist and it was good times. Great times actually and I will hopefully have some pictures up later this week to at least talk […]

Roast-y Toast-y

It’s Monday night and your freezer is on the fritz so you spent 10 minutes vacuuming at the behest of your landlord. Your work day was spent fielding phone calls from your boss every 15 minutes who is across the hall from you, he can see you from his desk. No? Just me. Ok then, […]

(Insert Clever Wrap/Rap Pun Here)

It’s a weeknight. Specifically the middle of the week. I made a boring-ass dinner. In the sense  that anything that is delicious can be boring, anyway.  It’s made like this: chop some garlic, peel some carrots, brown some onions, tomatoes, blah blah blah blah dinner. Chickpeas, carrots, potatoes, lots of garlic, some broth. Delicious but, […]