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Ten little pumpkins, sitting in my belly

Because it’s fall.  And suddenly all I want to do is eat stuff with pumpkin in it.  Or squash.  Or sweet potatoes.  I can just see my dad, wrinkling up his nose a little.  (Ok, maybe a lot.)  Sweet potatoes? Where did I go wrong?  It’s cool, Dad! I’m not eating any beets! Yet. I’ve […]

(Insert Clever Wrap/Rap Pun Here)

It’s a weeknight. Specifically the middle of the week. I made a boring-ass dinner. In the sense  that anything that is delicious can be boring, anyway.  It’s made like this: chop some garlic, peel some carrots, brown some onions, tomatoes, blah blah blah blah dinner. Chickpeas, carrots, potatoes, lots of garlic, some broth. Delicious but, […]