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The Ripper


Day 2.  Do you have any idea how many serial killers are out there?  Obviously, no discussion about serial killers is complete without talking about the original.  Of course that’s the one, the only Jack the Ripper.

If you’ve read anything ever in the last 100 years or seen any movies, you know all about him.  He was a Mason protecting the royalty.  No, wait.  He was a doctor, or a butcher or an undertaker.  No!  He was Lewis Carroll! (Yeah. I KNOW.)  No, no.  This thing has totally been solved now.  It’s fine.

It’s not all creepy killers all the time around here.  Lately I’ve been obsessively looking at duck recipes.  This weekend is going to be duck breast.  Oh, and squash.  I made this delicata squash thing on Monday.  And bread.  I’m doing this soup and bread thing on Sunday evenings and it’s been really fun to stretch my bread making skills a bit.  Of course I’m going to totally laze out and do fat, fluffy rolls this weekend instead of crazy “start it the day before” fancy-pants bread.

And now for something completely different:

Cute Overload – there is probably something there to make you happy.


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