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Little known fact about me:  I am utterly obsessed with serial killers.  Which, if you know me is totally insane because I am pretty easily scared.  When I was younger, I almost obsessively checked out this book on the spooky legends of Indiana, and there was a story in there about the “Ax-man” in Bloomington, IN who preyed on young college co-eds and rode around on the top of their car.  (Seriously how is this plausible even as an urban legend?  Did no one notice the dude WITH AN AX riding around on the top of a car?)  Anyway.  Supposedly he was notorious, but really he was just a cautionary tale.  Don’t go out with boys and stay out late or else you’ll die alone, scratching at your own door until your fingers are bloody nubbins!  Oh, and you’ll have an ax in your head, sorry.

Back to the point.  It’s October and every year I want to tell everyone about some of my most favorite serial killers because, you know.  Halloween and cool nights and it gets dark earlier and HOLY CATS WHAT WAS THAT NOISE BETTER TURN ON ALL THE LIGHTS.  Maybe that’s just me.  So here’s a start.

 October 1: Belle Gunness


Oh man.  Belle Gunness was straight up a cold-hearted BITCH.  Seriously go read that Wikipedia article.

Are you back?  She is easily in my top 3 of favorite serial killers.  She’s huge! And strong!  She left no survivors!  She just wanted to watch the world burn, and then collect the money!  And now she is immortalized in beer.  Also she really did kill EVERYONE.  She invited suitors in to her home and then watched them sleep.  Or just straight up murdered them, she could go either way.  Then she faked her own death and ran.  Belle Gunness is creepy, and ruthless, and completely out of her gourd.

And now for something completely different, here are a few links for things that are rad:

This sandwich.

These pencils.


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