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Roast-y Toast-y

YumIt’s Monday night and your freezer is on the fritz so you spent 10 minutes vacuuming at the behest of your landlord. Your work day was spent fielding phone calls from your boss every 15 minutes who is across the hall from you, he can see you from his desk. No? Just me. Ok then, moving on.

Nights like this call for pasta and cheese. Wait, hang on. ALL nights call for pasta and cheese but sadly I’m told this is a poor lifestyle choice. I’m just as disappointed as you are to hear this, I promise. I guess that’s ok, because honestly it just doesn’t do it for me these days the way it used to. I know, that’s practically crazy talk. So what’s a girl to do?

Seriously I just like saying "booty"

Enter the farmer’s market booty. That’s… 2 onions, a massive zucchini, 3 peppers, some red potatoes, yellow tomatoes, a yellow summer squash and a partridge in a … I mean, a bulb of garlic. You’re going to say, that’s a lot of produce. I know. You might think, wait, isn’t she feeding herself right now while the Archaeologist is in Greece? Yes, you would be correct. You’re thinking, so… what the hell was she thinking? Ok, for starters the Farmer’s Market was all arsed up on Saturday for some event so thought #1 was, where the hell is that guy that I usually go to who has the great yellow tomatoes? Thought #2 was holy crap! Summer squash for only 50 cents! My day is made! Then I was back to being confused by the tents and the people so I just shoved some money in a poor old man’s hand and stuffed produce in my bag and ran off. Then I let it sit on my counter for 2 days because I’m awesome like that.

I wish I could tell you I was going to do something totally amazeballs with this produce but once I got home and the produce high wore off, I looked at all of it again and I knew the only answer was to roast it. People will wax rhapsodic about roasted veg and how they never liked (fill-in-the-blank) vegetable until they had it roasted  and I won’t lie, it’s pretty terrific. It’s a good way to handle veg slightly past their prime, it’s easy, and you don’t have to watch them. I vacuumed my fridge, took out the trash, cleaned and screwed around on the internet while these were in the oven. Even the prep is easy! Just chop whatever you have in to roughly the same size, toss it in a pan, coat with olive oil and salt and pepper and done!

I love this pan. I love it pretty hard.

The only real downside is it’s HOT. So, do a bunch up at once, then put them in baggies and freeze them and you have roasted veggies forever! Or until you eat them. Whichever comes first. I have a big ass roasting pan. If you don’t have one of these  your options are 1. Forget this whole paragraph. 2. Use 2 9×13 pans 3. Use 1 9×13 pan and do several batches, but I don’t recommend that. 4.Just roast fewer veggies. I guess.


When it comes out of the oven, the first thing you do with roasted veggies is eat all the burnt potatoes out of the pan. Bonus points if you can also find crispy caramelized onion bits or other burnt bits. You have to save everyone from eating those crappy burnt bits. Serve with pasta, grate some parmesan on top of your pasta, and have some salad with it.  A good finish to a crappy day.


One comment on “Roast-y Toast-y

  1. Love this blog! Great job, Red!

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